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WHAT are sampling errors-and WHAT can we do about them? Part 1

By Romañach, Rodolfo J.; Joubert Castro, Aidalu; Esbensen, Kim H

Published on CMKC


The objective of this column is to provide easy-to-understand examples of sampling errors. Prompted by recent participationsand presentations at on-line conferences and meetings, we believe there is a need for a more fulfilling introduction andexemplification of the concept and real-world consequences of committing “sampling errors”. WHAT is a sampling error? WHAT is the result of sampling errors? WHAT can we do about sampling errors? These are welcome topics for a series of sampling columns! The point of departure will be in the Theory of Sampling and in the near infrared spectroscopy analysis and pharma application sectors, but the focus will be developed to be more general, so that readers can carry-over to other scientific and application areas of interest.


Spectroscopy Europe. Volume 3, 2021, 36-42



Type of publication

Peer-reviewed journal


  • University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
  • KHE Consulting

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Classification Areas

  • PAT
  • Oral solid dose