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Compact NMR Spectroscopy for Automated Continuous-Flow Production of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (On-Demand)

By Klas Meyer



Published on CMKC


Chemical companies are under constant pressure to improve productivity while cutting costs. Flexible and modular chemical plants can produce high-quality products using multi-purpose equipment with short downtimes, reducing time to market for new products. Intensified continuous production plants allow for requirements to produce compounds.

Fully automated process controls with real-time quality controls are necessary to improve productivity in complex chemical production environments.

This course will show how recent advances in automated NMR PAT sensors enabled advanced process controls and real-time optimization of a pharmaceutical lithiation reaction process within a modular pilot plant.

This on-demand recording is from USP’s qNMR Workshop, held November 17–19, 2020, and features a presentation by Dr. Klas Meyer.

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