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Continuous Twin Screw Wet Granulation and Drying - Control Strategy for Drug Product Manufacturing

By Dahlgren, Gabriella; Tajarobi, Pirjo; Simone, Eric; Ricart, Brendon; Melnick, Jason; Puri, Vibha; Stanton, Courtney; Bajwa, Gurjit

Published on CMKC


The use of continuous manufacturing has been increasing within the pharmaceutical industry over the last few years. Continuous direct compression has been the focus of publications on the topic to date. The use of wet granulation can improve segregation resistance, uniformity, enhance density, and flow properties for improved tabletability, or improve stability of products that cannot be manufactured by using a direction compression process. This article focuses on development of appropriate control strategies for continuous wet granulation (especially twin screw wet granulation) through equipment design, material properties and manufacturing process along with areas where additional understanding is required. The article also discusses the use of process analytical technologies as part of the control and automation approach to ensure a higher assurance of product quality. Increased understanding of continuous wet granulation should result in increased utilization of the technique, thereby allowing for an increase in diversity of products manufactured by continuous manufacturing and the benefits that comes with a more complex process such as wet granulation compared with direct compression process


Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Volume 108, 2019, 3502-3514



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Peer-reviewed journal


  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • AstraZeneca
  • Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. / AbbVie Inc.

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  • PAT
  • Control