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Trending this week: Beyond RTRt Models: The Hidden Challenges of Implementation

Tags: Industry 4.0

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  1. Effective Development of PAT Capability in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Contributor(s):: Hammond, Steve

    Over the last ten years, the path to effective development of PAT has evolved, driven by the advent of continuous manufacturing. The development and deployment of PAT used for pharmaceutical manufacturing has arrived at a point where application development has been miniaturized and streamlined....

  2. Cyber-physical-based PAT (CPbPAT) framework for Pharma 4.0

    Contributor(s):: Barenji, Reza Vatankhah, Akdag, Yagmur, Yet, Barbaros., Oner, Levent

    Industry 4.0 aims to integrate manufacturing operations into a seamless digital whole by incorporating flexibility, agility, re-configurability, and sustainability. The result of this integration is a “smart factory” that is more lean, agile, and flexible in operations. There are valid reasons,...