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  1. Application of mechanistic models within a PAT framework

    Contributor(s): Gernaey, Krist, Sin, Gürkan Albo, E Woodley, John Singh, Ravendra, Gani, Rafiqul

    Not available

  2. The Changing Face of Process Development & Chemical Manufacturing - A View from the Regulators on Continuous Manufacturing

    Contributor(s): Wiles, Charolotte

    Industry wide there is a drive for resource efficiency and flexibility, to adapt quickly in what is increasingly becoming a volatile, changing marketplace. As the ‘patent cliff’ looms for many high-volume API’s, there is also a shift away from blockbusters towards lower volume, higher potency...

  3. USP-ID

    Website | Contributor(s): Molly Ferns

    USP-ID, delivered by Mestrelab Research, is a one-click, automated software solution for identifying, quantifying and labelling a broad range of chemical components in both simple solutions and complex mixtures by qNMR.

  4. New gravimetric dosing device for Continuous Manufacturing

    Website | Contributor(s): VX management

    "So far, it is mainly Loss in Weight feeders (LIW) that are used for this purpose, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as they can handle smaller flow rates accurately enough. The mechanical concept of these is decades old and despite miniaturisation and improvements at detail...

  5. Continuous Manufacturing: Many Want It, But Here's Why Few Have It

    Website | Contributor(s): Ioanna Deni

    Continuous manufacturing remains a key objective among bioprocessing professionals. While continuous bioprocessing isn’t a new concept, having been applied in the production of both old and new products, significant technological advancements set the stage for its wider adoption.

  6. A Focused and Flexible Analytical Strategy is Key to Unlocking the Benefits of Continuous Manufacturing

    Website | Contributor(s): Bikash Chatterjee

    Continuous manufacturing processes promise shorter manufacturing cycle times without the need for intermediate storage, sampling testing and release of intermediate process steps, and shorter product release times through the intelligent application of in-line and at-line testing strategies....