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Have you had challenges with CM adhesion/cohesion? Experts are discussing this topic in the Oral Solid Dosage Group,, broken out into the following key areas: conveying, feeding, transfer hoppers, and transition pipes. Learn from their experience by reading the full conversation here:

Tags: real-time release testing (RTRT)

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  1. Advanced Manufacturing: An answer to supply chain woes?

    | Contributor(s):: Atul Dubey

    Advanced Manufacturing technologies (AMTs) in the pharmaceutical industry have increasingly gained attention in the last decade. Amongst the AMTs, continuous manufacturing (CM) has had the most prominent impact so far. International efforts to define manufacturing approaches, terms, regulatory...

  2. Implementation of a fully integrated CM direct compression and coating process at a commercial pharmaceutical facility - Part 2: PAT and RTD results for normal operational conditions batches.

    | Contributor(s):: Rosas, JG, Brush, P, Thompson, B, Miller, C, Overton, P, Tugby, N, Stoliarskaia, D, Hurley, S, Ramasamy, M, Conway, SL

    This is the second of two articles detailing the continuous manufacturing (CM) development and implementation activities for an marketed product which have been realized in novel, qualified equipment, using validated control strategy elements to enable manufacture of batches under current good...